BL thermodynamics is a friend and family entrepreunership initiative

We are specialists in the integration and delivery of high quality absorption systems and equipments worldwide.

We passionate with our job, our systems, what we do. We would be glad to help you to find the best solution to fullfil your heat or cold needs.

We are based in Aachen at the meeting point of three countries, we are dealing with international projects, so feel free to contact us at your best convenience in english, german, spanish, dutch or french.


Dr. Juan Bassols

Senior engineer
+49 241 47593305


German, English, Spanish, Dutch

30 years of experience in research, development and delivery of turnkey ammonia absorption refrigeration plants and absorption heat pumps.

If I am not in the office improving systems design or calculating your next absorption refrigeration plant, I am certainly on the ocean sailing.

Tiago Bassols

Managing director
+49 241 47593304


German, English, Spanish

More than 10 years experience in the design, improvement and commissioning of absorption systems.

If I am not at the office or at customers site commissioning a plant, I might be somewhere on a surfing road trip.

Marc Lebrequer

Managing director
+49 241 47593305


German, English, French

Long experience in engineering and leading international projects, in thermodynamics and energy saving related subjects.

If I am not stuck on the phone in the office I might be in the Alps doing some mountaineering.

Leonard Krause

Developer and project engineer
+49 241 47593307


German, English

Currently pursuing my B.Sc. in mechanical engineering at the RWTH University Aachen. I am passionate about energy technology and excited to be part of the BL Thermodynamics team.

If I am not studying or working, I’m most likely playing e-guitar with my band mates.

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