Our story

In the year 1982 Dr. Juan Bassols started with the development of an Ammonia-Resoption-Heatpump. After the first energy crisis the expectations were that heat pumps would replace the conventional gas boilers for heating purpose. After 10 years of development and several prototypes, the first high efficiency GAX-Absorption-Heatpump was installed in 1991. In 1992 Dr. Juan Bassols founded together with some former colleagues the company Colibri in the Netherlands which focus on the development and distribution of Ammonia-Absorption-Refrigeration-Plants. Till the year 2018 they installed around 80 MW of cooling capacity worldwide.

In the year 2019 the company BL thermodynamics was founded in Aachen with the commitment to improve the ammonia absorption technology and provide an important contribution to the actual energy transition.

Our activities

BL thermodynamics is a provider of ammonia absorption refrigeration plants and heat pumps. Our technology can reach evaporation temperature down to -70 °C, this for refrigeration capacity from 100kW to several MW. A compact design allows us to deliver and to commission our system easily everywhere around the globe. Our main application fields are:

  • the food industry, and mainly the freeze drying processes
  • the chemical industry in which the availability of waste heat make the absorption system extremely rentable
  • in Combine Heat and Power installations for a sensful production of cold from the heat

Plant construction „Made in Europe“

High standards of quality and safety are granted by our partners and especially by our piping and assembly partner in Spain and Portugal PipeWorks S.L..

Our vision

The absorption technology exists since the end of the nineteen century but was rarely improved. Today our ammonia absorption machines are equipped with the state of the art technology and especially in terms of automation we are leading the market. The digitalization and the industry 4.0 standards make our systems safer, more reliable, and this, at decreasing production costs.
Cost competitive and safer ammonia absorption refrigeration plants allow a substantial contribution against global warming by turning waste heat into useful cold. For this reason it is part of our matter to spread, diversify and increase the attractiveness of the market of ammonia absorption refrigeration plants.

Boards of directors

Dr. Juan Bassols

Managing Director

+49 241 47593306


German, English, Spanish, Dutch

30 years of experience in research, development and delivery of turnkey ammonia absorption refrigeration plants and absorption heat pumps.

Tiago Bassols

Managing Director

+49 241 47593304


German, English, Spanish

More than 10 years experience in the design, improvement and commissioning of absorption systems.

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